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Flying Canada

Clair Schnupp

Follow the exciting adventures of Clair as he travels the vast Canadian north and beyond. Through stories and highlighted Life Lessons, Clair tells what he has learned from the accidents and challenges experienced in flying. Includes maps and photographs. 154 pages soft cover.

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Nurtured by Clair's inspiring faith, he tells of fifty years of flying in some of the harshest places and toughest conditions, including Canada, Alaska, Central America and Greenland. The stories reflect the author's service as a youth and family worker, counselor and seminar teacher although aviation has always been an integral part of his life and the life of his family. Most of all, Clair's heart beats in rhythm with hearts of people.

From The Director

Struggle is part of life as we know it. Most of the struggles we face are inside of us. The Bible has a lot to say about struggle. Winning the Struggle is about Joseph in the Bible who learned to be positive in a negative world. Joseph always tried to do his best. However he was lied about, mistreated and even spent three years in prison for being condemned under false witness. Yet Joseph knew how to use God's power to be forgiving. The story goes on and he became an important leader in Egypt. God used Joseph to save many people from starvation. Click here to listen to Clair explain how Joseph stayed positive in a negative world.

All because of Jesus,

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