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A Time to Be Pure
by Clair Schnupp and J. David Hertzler

Breaking the Cycle: Saying NO to Family Violence
by David Hertzler

Choose Life: Saying No to Suicide
by David Hertzler

Custom Adoption
by Jim Minor

Family Fraud - The Deception of the Common-law Relationship
by Jim Minor and Peggy Kennedy

Freedom From Destructive Spirits
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

Hosea: A Broken and Restored Marriage
by Dr. Robinson

How to Spend a Day in Prayer
by Lorne C. Sanny

Master Your Anger
by David Hertzler

Rebuilding a Marriage: An Alternative to Divorce
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

Single Mother and Her Children
by David Hertzler and Clair Schnupp

Taming the Tiger
by Jim Minor

Tell... Your Grandchildren
by David Hertzler

The Unbonded Child
by Merle Burkholder

The Widow and Her Children
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

When Dad and Mom Don't Love Each Other
by David Hertzler

Which Way

Winning the Struggle
by Clair Schnupp

When Trust is Lost Workbook
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When Trust is Lost Workbook

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These worksheets were created to accompany the Radio Bible Class free booklet entitled "When Trust is Lost." Sexual abuse issues are discussed. Contains 7 lessons. 21 pages.
Sexual abuse is one of the few crimes that brings more shame to the victim than to the offender. Yet healing is available. These worksheets contain "fill in the blank" exercises to help readers remember important points from the Radio Bible Class booklet "When Trust is Lost" (included with order) which is a condensation of the main principles discussed in depth in Dr. Dan Allender's book entitled "The Wounded Heart". Included is a glossary of terms and an answer key.
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