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A Time to Be Pure
by Clair Schnupp and J. David Hertzler

Breaking the Cycle: Saying NO to Family Violence
by David Hertzler

Choose Life: Saying No to Suicide
by David Hertzler

Custom Adoption
by Jim Minor

Family Fraud - The Deception of the Common-law Relationship
by Jim Minor and Peggy Kennedy

Freedom From Destructive Spirits
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

Hosea: A Broken and Restored Marriage
by Dr. Robinson

How to Spend a Day in Prayer
by Lorne C. Sanny

Master Your Anger
by David Hertzler

Rebuilding a Marriage: An Alternative to Divorce
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

Single Mother and Her Children
by David Hertzler and Clair Schnupp

Taming the Tiger
by Jim Minor

Tell... Your Grandchildren
by David Hertzler

The Unbonded Child
by Merle Burkholder

The Widow and Her Children
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

When Dad and Mom Don't Love Each Other
by David Hertzler

Which Way

Winning the Struggle
by Clair Schnupp

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A Time to Be Pure Product ID : 0968857639
"True love waits" is the watchword of a growing movement of young people across North America. This movement was born in the wake of a sexual revolution, which many people now realize has failed to...
Breaking the Cycle Product ID : BTCY
Where does violence come from? What does violence do to family relationships? Are you violent? What to do to help stop violence in your family. This booklet offers hope to both the victims and the...
Choose Life Product ID : CLIF
Today young people in increasing numbers are choosing death. The suicide rate among Canadians under 24 has climbed faster than for any other age group over the past two decades. But suicide doesn't...
Custom Adoption Product ID : CADO
Aboriginal people often give their children away, "in the custom of the people", to other parents to raise, bypassing government agencies. This sometimes benefits the child. Other times it results...
Freedom from Destructive Spirits Product ID : FFDS
Today’s families are increasingly coming under attack from the evil forces of Satan. Satan, the deceiver seeks to destroy society by breaking down the family unit. Occult practices and ancestral...
How could a marriage like this ever be restored? HOSEA: a sincere, hard-working preacher. GOMER: a runaway wife with the heart of a prostitute. From the pages of the Holy Bible comes the answer to...
How to Spend a Day in Prayer Product ID : HTSA
"I never thought a day could make such a difference," a friend said to me. "My relationship with everyone seems improved." "Why don't I do it more often?" A guide to help you know how to spend...
Master Your Anger Product ID : MYAN
Road rage, Family violence, Depression, Slander. Anger takes an infinite number of destructive forms. There are as many "shades of red" as there are humans on earth. But Anger is an emotion...
Rebuilding a Marriage Product ID : RAMA
Our society has seen a rise in divorce as a response to marriage problems. This booklet was written to impress couples with the serious consequences of divorce and to encourage troubled couples to...
Taming the Tiger Product ID : TTTI
Sexual desires can be a raging tiger, especially for young men. This booklet is written as a compassionate discussion guide on sexuality for young men, by a man who himself was once devoured by...
Tell...Your Grandchildren Product ID : TYGR
A timely reminder on grandparenting skills. A child needs both parents and grandparents. It is difficult for either one to take the place of the other. Grandparents play an important role in...
The Single Mother and Her Children Product ID : TSMA
As the numbers of single mothers grow, it seems that so do their needs. This booklet provides valuable instruction for meeting the unique physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of single...
The Unbonded Child Product ID : TUCH
Reactive Attachement Disorder is caused by a lack of bonding between a young child and his primary care-giver, which causes serious relationship difficulties for the child later in life, such as:...
The Widow and Her Children Product ID : TWAH
“What is it Like to Be a Widow?” Here is what some widows have said. • “It’s really lonely being a widow.” • “I need someone to laugh with me when I am happy and to cry with me when I am sad.”...
When Dad and Mom Don't Love Each Other Product ID : WDAM
Jacob didn't love his wife Leah. Their children became violent and immoral young adults. The whole family could have been destroyed, had not God of their fathers stepped into their lives and...
Which Way Product ID : WWAY
Should I get a better paying job if I have to move away from my family? Billy is good-looking and fun, but he doesn't like to go to church. Should I break up? Life can be confusing at times. So...
Winning the Struggle Product ID : WTST
Every person has struggles and temptations. Satan wants to destroy us from the inside-through our minds and imaginations. Yet, we do not want to give in. God is on the side of victory. A look at...
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