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Free Booklets to Download

A Time to Be Pure
by Clair Schnupp and J. David Hertzler

Breaking the Cycle: Saying NO to Family Violence
by David Hertzler

Choose Life: Saying No to Suicide
by David Hertzler

Custom Adoption
by Jim Minor

Family Fraud - The Deception of the Common-law Relationship
by Jim Minor and Peggy Kennedy

Freedom From Destructive Spirits
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

Hosea: A Broken and Restored Marriage
by Dr. Robinson

How to Spend a Day in Prayer
by Lorne C. Sanny

Master Your Anger
by David Hertzler

Rebuilding a Marriage: An Alternative to Divorce
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

Single Mother and Her Children
by David Hertzler and Clair Schnupp

Taming the Tiger
by Jim Minor

Tell... Your Grandchildren
by David Hertzler

The Unbonded Child
by Merle Burkholder

The Widow and Her Children
by Jim Minor and Clair Schnupp

When Dad and Mom Don't Love Each Other
by David Hertzler

Which Way

Winning the Struggle
by Clair Schnupp

Counselling Resources

Counselling Resources for counsellors, pastors, teachers, and social workers. These resources can be used as part of a larger curriculum or used independently.
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Basic Counselling Skills Workshop Product ID : BCSM
This 30-hour workshop gives the theoretical foundation and the basic skills to help people know and worship God better and offer help for human problems. 9 DVDs. This set sells for $200.00. To...
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Below the Waterline Product ID : 9780994829535
The iceberg is a good illustration of the relationship between a personís actions, thoughts, and emotions.
Birth of the Adult Product ID : 9780968857656
How the roles of mom and dad change as the child grows.
Eden Lost - Eden Regained, Isaiah 53, The True God Self Product ID : 9780994829511
Three short clips originally presented as part of Basic Counselling Skills taught by Clair Schnupp.
God's Road to Recovery: Anger, Guilt, Fear Product ID : AGAF
Pain was buried under my anger. I found guilt, even false guilt. These had resulted in an anxiety that I could never verbalize and did not understand. The principles that started me on my road to...
God's Road to Recovery: Pain, Shame, Contempt, Repentance and Forgiveness Product ID : GRTR
In this 3 CD set, Dr. Clair Schnupp points the way to healing inner pain, overcoming shame and contempt, and repentance and forgiveness. Running time approx 120 minutes.
God, Help Me Stop Product ID : 9780994829528
A powerful tool in battling addictive and compulsive behaviours. Uses Scripture to explain and illuminate the Twelve Steps. An accompanying workbook is available. 124 pages, soft cover.
God, Help Me Stop Workbook Product ID : GHMW
These worksheets were created to accompany the book "God, Help Me Stop" by Claire W. which is a powerful tool in battling addictive and compulsive behaviours. Includes 12 lessons. 51 pages.
Hope for the Hurting Product ID : 9780920379493
Becoming a teen survivor of childhood sexual abuse is possible. This book shows a biblical path to healing for wounded hearts. 48 pages, soft cover.
In His Image and Biblical Sexuality DVD Product ID : IHID
Our sexuality was designed by God; therefore it is holy and sacred. Sexual sins and disorders affect oneís relationship with Christ. Thus, our great gift from God, designed for our good, easily...
In His Image and Biblical Sexuality Workbook Product ID : IHIW
Masculinity, femininity, and sexuality are great gifts to us from God. God calls some people to marriage. God calls some people to singleness. Sexual sins and disorders affect oneís relationship...
Issues of the Heart DVD Product ID : IOTH
Three messages on one DVD by Dr. Clair Schnupp on Pain, Shame, Repentance and Forgiveness. Dr. Clair explains how God helps all of us deal with our pain and shame, and how important forgiveness and...
The Gift of Biblical Sexuality Product ID : TGOB
Our sexuality is a gift from God. It is an important part of being made in the image of God, male and female. The physical expression of sexuality is holy within the marriage relationship. But when...
The Gift of Family Product ID : TGOF
God has given us an incredible and valuable gift of family who teach us many things. This book contains activities to create family openness and togetherness. 27 pages.
The Grief Workbook Product ID : 9780994829504
Workbook to go with "Life After Loss - Grieving With Hope" written by Tim Jackson.
The Story of Me Product ID : 9780968857663
God values me as a person and created me with three basic longings: to belong, to feel worthy, and to be competent. Designed for 8-12 yr-olds. 27 pages, soft cover.
The Unbonded Child Product ID : TUCH
Reactive Attachement Disorder is caused by a lack of bonding between a young child and his primary care-giver, which causes serious relationship difficulties for the child later in life, such as:...
When Trust is Lost Workbook Product ID : WTIW
These worksheets were created to accompany the Radio Bible Class free booklet entitled "When Trust is Lost." Sexual abuse issues are discussed. Contains 7 lessons. 21 pages.
Which Way Product ID : WWAY
Should I get a better paying job if I have to move away from my family? Billy is good-looking and fun, but he doesn't like to go to church. Should I break up? Life can be confusing at times. So...
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